Six Degrees Of Attraction

Published: 20th April 2007
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Have You Ever Wondered How Some People Just Seem To Be Lucky?

We've all heard of the famous Yale University study of the 1960's where people globally were said to all be connected by "Six Degrees OF Separation"....actually it was a US only study and the Yale University students were given the task of getting a package delivered personally to a lawyer in New York who they didn't know, and who they weren't allowed to connect directly with, by sending that package from the West Coast.

So some students sent the package to someone they new in Maine, planning that proximity would count for something, whilst others sent the package to lawyers or other professional people they knew, wherever they were, thinking that someone in the fraternity might know the destined person. Yarda, yarda, yarda.....some 87% of packages ended up being hand delivered to this guy within 10 days of leaving their destination.

So, how does this relate to the modern world? Well, the Movie "The Secret" has taken the world by storm over recent years and espoused the Universal Law of Attraction. It is really a contemporary take on the Six Degrees of Separation. If you think about it, we are all connected in this world - at the aggregate level, all molecules are within our stratosphere in a 'zero sum' game - human cells are replenishing all the time but are derived from the proteins, vitamins and minerals we ingest, and nothing goes to waste. So molecules are acknowledging the universal Law of Attraction, coming together to achieve a purpose, and then disbanding again when their particular human system they're inhabiting no longer requires them and 'repels' them.

It has been said that all matter must originate in thought first. This makes sense within the above framework and is one of the basic tenets of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, or NLP. Certainly Einstein would not have achieved half of what he achieved without the ability to conceive in his mind first what then came to be known as 'true'. He once said famously (sic) that "I would never have developed my ideas and formula's following conventional thought". All great innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders conceive of a new world order at some level before they make it into a reality.

So....If all matter originates in thought first, and we are all connected at the molecular level in a zero-sum game, it makes absolute sense that the Law of Attraction works. But there is a catch in there.....for the law of Attraction to work, there does need to be a conscious and unconscious acknowledgement that 'all matter originates in thought'. As a result of our education system which teaches us highly valuable skills around logic and reason, we are blinded to concepts that might at first appear 'irrational' or 'illogical'. Fortunately there are those in the world, like Einstein, who are not hampered by such constraints and the world progresses and is a better place for us all as a result.

Wouldn't it be interesting, though, for each individual to be able to think in this way with respect to their own lives? They would be able to conceive whatever they wanted and then with belief, and directed action, achieve all of that and possibly more....we all know people out there who are doing this - Richard Branson, Bill Gates, etc, so why can't we all?

The Law of Attraction is truly an amazing concept when you take the time to understand it and interpret it into your life. I was fortunate enough to come across an Interview with Bob Proctor, the guy behind the Movie "The Secret" where he provides some great insight into the Law Of Attraction and how people can make it work in their individual daily lives. Most people 'get' the concept at some level, but equally, because of our educational system and basic life training, don't understand how to make it work for them. Bob Proctor helps people with that and he has coupled up with a guy names Stephen Pierce who has developed a product specifically designed to help people implement the Law of Attraction into their Lives. You will be able to download a copy at:

So, while we all know of the six degrees of separation, it is my hope for this world that more and more people appreciate the concept of the Six Degrees of Attraction.

Sean Cowan

Sean Cowan is a successful Entrepreneur who now days helps others achieve their goals by investing in their businesses and mentoring people to success. With an undergrad in Business, and MBA from a top 10 Global business school and a Diploma in NLP, in addition to being entirely Self Made, Sean is well placed to help people to dramatically improve their lives.

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